This week, well until Wednesday, T&C has an 8 lb bag of russet potatoes for $.88 total! That is an awesome deal! If you dont want all those potatoes split them with a friend. You can make so much with potatoes- potatoes soup, double baked, scalloped, mashed,etc.

Other good deals:
Land o Frost $3.99, use $2.00 off coupon to score 1 lb of lunch meat for $1.99 (thats cheap)

Starkist Tuna can are $.49 a can, use the B2G1. Get 3 cans for under a $1.00, normally a $1 something per can.

Libby's Veggies are $.38 a can

Special Tilapia Filet Dinner:
$2.98 EA
Includes 1/2 Lb. Breaded Tilapia, 1/2 Lb. French Fries, 1/4 Lb. Cole Slaw, Sauce
* buy 2 of these and you can feed a family of 4 for $6.00

Don't forget your free peanut butter when you use the $1.00 off any Fisher product of 4 oz. or more at smartsource.com, its on sale for $.78 ($.22 overage that can get you another free product)

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