We just got back from the Chicago Auto Show! While I was dreading paying the $22.00 to get in, we were blessed to have been given free tickets by a very sweet lady! It was just what I needed since I was having a terrible day and dealing with a fussy 9 month old. God knew exactly what I needed- Him to show himself in a blessing like that!

So are you wanting to go to the show and not pay $11.00 per person and an unreasonable amount for food when you enter? Here are some ways to save at the auto show!

Go here to see how you can get $4.00 off each ticket (Pepsi can is the easiest and cheapest way)

Get FREE tickets by visiting a Northwest Indiana or Chicagoland Chevy Dealer! Go here for more details! (You need to print off a form).

Save on food:
1. Pack your own drinks and snacks! Take a small cooler full of your favorite drinks and a bag full of some goodies!
2. Eat before you go either at home or on the road! Subways $5.00 footlongs are a great deal!

I know I sound cheap, but I cant reason with myself to pay $25 for 4 hotdogs, 4 cokes, and 4 bags of chips (thats a special they have there). I usually get hotdogs for free, I just paid $9 for 6- 12 packs, and scored free chips last week at Target.

Ok Enjoy the Auto SHOW!