FREE Fischer Peanut Butter again at T&C! Just head on over to smartsource.com and print off the 4 coupons they have for $1.00 off any Fischer 4 oz product or larger. I love free Peanut Butter!

Fisher Peanut Butter is $.99 this week only!

Don't forget you can get free cheese curls with this coupon at Wiseway!
Go to here and print off the $.50 off any bag (20 ct. or lg.) of Halls cough drops!

Right now at Wiseway Halls cough drops are on sale for $1.25. If you use two $.50 off coupons (that they will double to $2.00) and a BOGO Halls coupon, you can get FREE cough drops.

If you don't have the BOGO coupons, than you still can score $.25 cough drops.

The BOGO coupons are located at Wiseway on the rack with the Halls cough drops- let me know if you find these coupons! They were in stores a couple weeks ago!

* Don't forget your coupon doubler!

These are great for this season!