Goal's Update - Faithful Savings
So it has been a week since the new year began and where am I so far with my goals...

$50.00 limit per month and Savings:

Well its only Jan. 8th and already I have spent my full $50.00 for the month. Fortunately, I used that money to stock up on meat- pork chops, chicken, steak, etc. I know I won't make my goal for this month, but I know better for next month that I need to plan better- its all about planning! I am excited that I got 2 free juice, 4 free coffee mate creamers, a free box of tampons, as well as 6 steaks for $2.00.

My water drinking has been quite interesting... the more I drink the more I pee. I feel like I am in my first trimester again- I can't seem to get out of the bathroom. I get up at least 3 times a night! I have lost 2 lbs, so I guess its paying off!  Only 8 lbs to go!

I have been spending more one on one time with Lil Rick, which is exactly what he needs! Big Rick finally put up the swing in the basement and so when Cristian naps, we go downstairs and play!

Hopefully each week I will see improvements!
4/24/2012 08:35:30 pm

good post

9/8/2012 04:16:05 am

will return soon


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