Stocking UP - Faithful Savings
My Free Quaker Oats products!
  Right now Wiseway is having an awesome deal on Quaker products and boy does this family love Quaker products!
  The hubs love Aunt Jemimia pancake mix and syrup (hes a bit picky). He also love to make us some good old fashion oatmeal out of the Quaker Oats!
  I love the Oatmeal Square cereal- people always tell me its an old folks cereal, but I love it! I also enjoy keeping my car stocked with granola bars for when I am super hungry or the little ones get a wee bit out of control while Im driving!
  Anywho, so they have a 5 for $5.00 sale- buy any 5 Quaker oat products for free! The cereal alone is usually $4.19, so you better believe on stocking up on this! The granola bars are usually $2.50+, so Im stocking up on those too. And the Aunt Jemima pancake mix and syrup it $2.50-$3.50, so yep those are going in my stock pile as well!
  The greatest thing about these products is that I have coupons for all of them, making it an UNBELIEVABLE deal! See the picture above for what I got free! Im going back a couple times to do the deal!

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