Unexpected Expenses - Faithful Savings
  So what do you do when life throws you unexpected expenses? You may not get to plan for them, but sometimes you can prepare and be ready when things come your way. Sometimes the unexpected is good, sometimes it's bad, and other times it just happens.
 The hubs and I were recently hit with an unexpected expense (a pretty big expense), but thank God we have time to plan for it! We were asked to be padrinos at a wedding in July- while its a privilege to be asked, its also an expense I dont want to deal with. Instead of dropping to my knees and asking God for help, I fumed and fussed about how and where the money was going to come from. Being mad isn't going to provide the money, but I know that God is faithful and will give us wisdom. He also blessed us by giving us 6 months to save!

So what do you do when life throws unexpected expenses at you? Please share below!

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