Update on Goals - Faithful Savings
Its February now and I am one month into my goals:

Grocery $50.00- well I started off the year not doing so well, I didnt use coupons on my first trip and began the months with a $31 purchase! Yikes! I did try to watch my spending after that and ending up with a grand total of $140 for the month of January! While this is a lot more than I wanted, I know I can do better next month. Plus when I think about it I have the following because of that cost:
1. $10 gf to Target
2. stocked up on cereal, granola bars, pepsi, coke, pancake mix, etc.
3. I did get a lot of freebies too!

Weight goal: I am officially 6 lbs less and only have 4 lbs to go! I got sick wtih a stomach bug which totally helped me lose the weight! Hopefully I can keep it off and actually get some energy to work out and get some ab muscles back!

Water Drinking: I love me some water! Still drinking it, but not feeling like a fish anymore! I bought some Crystal Light on sale which helps change up the flavor.

Coffee: When I started the year I was drinking one cup a day... I am proud to say that I am down to 1 cup a week... usually during church or I have a social drink with a friend (yes a social coffee drink).

Spending Time with my boys- we just went to the car show and had fun. I've been trying to have one on one with lil Rick while Cristian takes his second nap.

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