McDonalds now has a new coupon that is being put in their silverware, on their coffee, hot chocolate, etc.! Its a coupon for a FREE fruit and maple OATMEAL! Make sure you check for the coupon above if you order something from McDonalds! I received two of these coupons when I ordered a salad last night...it came in my silverware(they gave me two packs)! YUMMY! Expires 3-27-11
Go here to check out the details of the rebate for a free Febreze NOTICEables oil warmer.

Rebate form is here!
You can enter to win Milk for a whole year, plus score some awesome milk coupons! Just go here, register, and let me know if you win! You can play every day and will receive different coupons!

Coupons you can score:
*Free half gallon of chocolate milk (with purchase of white gallon)
* Free white milk gallon (with $100 grocery purchase)
* Free half gallon of chocolate milk (with purchase of two white gallons)
* Free single serve (with purchase of white gallon or half gallon)

Free text book to the 1st 100,00 who like Neebo on FB! Hurry, all you have to do is pay $7.99 in shipping! So wish this was around when I was in college!