Blockbuster Express has some codes you can use to get free movie rentals. You can use each code once per credit card and must have them returned by 9pm the next day to avoid being charged $1 for another 24 hr rental. Go HERE to find locations near you.

GT11A--Free rental--exp 1/31
KIOSK --Free rental --exp 2/10
GT9SA--Free rental--exp 2/28

GW11B3--Rent one, get one FREE--exp. 1/25
G211A2--Rent one, get one FREE--exp 1/28
211B2--Rent one, get one FREE--exp 2/2
POPCORN--Rent one, get one FREE --exp 2/12
GW11B2--Rent one, get one FREE--exp 2/19

thanks Tommy