So the whole point of Faithful Savings is my motto for the whole site: "The More You Save, the More you can give to the Kingdom." It is to bring Glory to God. While some are called to adopt or serve in the church or be a missionary in a foreign country, I feel called to teach people how to save money and use it to glorify the One who gives us everything!

I love helping people save money, but then what comes next- what do you do with the money you save or all the free products you get? Its not to be like some of the extreme couponers and hoard 1000 deodorants or fill up your whole house with "stuff". No, the point is to pay it forward and be a blessing! There are so many ways you can do it! Here are the top two things I usually do with my savings:

1.Donate your products and/or time to soup kitchens, homeless shelters, the church, missionaries, etc. Our church has a thing called the Compassion Fund!

2. Tithe more than your 10%- at my church you can specify where you want your "extra" to go, whether it be to missions, beautifying the church, Compassion Fund, etc.

I love when someone comes to me and ask if I can donate supplies! I have had the honor to donate to missions trips our church has gone on, given to local families in need, and given medical supplies to orphanages abroad!

This post isn't about bragging about what I have done or what all I get for free or the "do good" feeling, its about giving the fame to the Audience of One!

So what do you do with your savings? I would love to hear how God has used your savings to expand His Kingdom!