I love coupon trips where I score some awesome deals and freebies. Tonight I did pretty good at Wiseway and Town and Country. I got the following:
5 double stuffed golden oreos, 1/2 gallon of chocolate milk, 4 Schick quattro titanium razors, 1 dozen eggs, 2 cans of veggies, 8 lbs of potatoes, 1 box of Cheerios, 5 8 oz peanut butter, 2 lbs of lunch meats, 1BBQ sauce- spent $3.55 total.

The lunch meat was $2.00 and the cheerios were $.67, and the potatoes were $.88.

Yeah for an awesome trip!
How do you save money on your kids? From diapers to clothes to shoes to wipes to food... it can seem like your whole pay check goes towards the kiddos! Here are a few things that I do to cut the baby costs:

1.Stock up on diapers when they are on sale and use coupons! Huggies and Pampers are always sending me coupons in the mail, so definitely sign up on their websites for savings!

2. Juice! Buy 1 gallon of juice and divide it into 4 containers by adding water. We always water down our kid's juice anyways, so we decided to divide it up and have it premade. This was the hubs idea and it has not only saved us money, but time!

3. Shop at Children Place Outlets! The store in Michigan City almost always has racks full of clothes starting at $.99- $2.99. I got my sons polo shirts for church for $.99. They are adorable!

* I will post more later!

If you have a baby saving tip- let me know and I will post it!
Its February now and I am one month into my goals:

Grocery $50.00- well I started off the year not doing so well, I didnt use coupons on my first trip and began the months with a $31 purchase! Yikes! I did try to watch my spending after that and ending up with a grand total of $140 for the month of January! While this is a lot more than I wanted, I know I can do better next month. Plus when I think about it I have the following because of that cost:
1. $10 gf to Target
2. stocked up on cereal, granola bars, pepsi, coke, pancake mix, etc.
3. I did get a lot of freebies too!

Weight goal: I am officially 6 lbs less and only have 4 lbs to go! I got sick wtih a stomach bug which totally helped me lose the weight! Hopefully I can keep it off and actually get some energy to work out and get some ab muscles back!

Water Drinking: I love me some water! Still drinking it, but not feeling like a fish anymore! I bought some Crystal Light on sale which helps change up the flavor.

Coffee: When I started the year I was drinking one cup a day... I am proud to say that I am down to 1 cup a week... usually during church or I have a social drink with a friend (yes a social coffee drink).

Spending Time with my boys- we just went to the car show and had fun. I've been trying to have one on one with lil Rick while Cristian takes his second nap.